Earl Weightman

J.A.W. Products, Inc. manufactures orthodontic products in our family-owned business here in South Jersey.  Aside from making orthodontic supplies, we also make quality machined parts in our machine shop.  We have various CNC mills and lathes, as well as various punch presses, including a 60 ton press.  Materials used vary from stainless steel, aluminum, Hastelloy and Inconel.  

About the owner

For over 42 years, the owner, Earl Weightman, has been employed in the machinery industry.  He started working in machine shops when he was just 18 years old!  He served and completed a four year Machinist Apprenticeship followed by a Tool & Die Maker Apprenticeship.  From 1980 to 1996 he worked at a major orthodontic manufacturing firm in Pennsylvania and served as their toolmaker and production supervisor.  Mr Weightman also has experience in a job shop environment designing and building small intricate progressive and wire forming dies.  In 1996, he started J.A.W. Products and the results are a production machine shop and orthodontic wire manufacturing facility.  We are now a manufacturer of orthodontic lab wires for major U.S. distributors.  

We strive to satisfy our customers with high quality materials, products and services.  This is our #1 priority.  Our machining and assembly professionals are committed to our customers by meeting these standards and continuing to fabricate quality products on time.  We are aware that our clients have customers they need to serve and we will do everything we can to assure our customer meets their goals.

Some of our services:

  • Forming of small intricate dental and orthodontic wires as used in the orthodontic field, such as modified adams clasps, flatbows, labials, foil mesh pads, lingual retainers
  • Production Machining
  • Punch Press Stampings and Formings
  • Small diameter wire straightening and cutoff
  • Tool & die design and building
  • TIG, stick and spot welding
  • Gas turbine vane segments
  • Precision weights
  • Precision transmission valves
  • Laboratory mixers, propellers and stands for propietary clients
  • Hydraulic and clean water valve components

 If you would like to talk to someone about our services or request a quote, please use the contact information below.

Earl Weightman
835 Industrial Hwy, Unit 125
Cinnaminson, NJ  08077
Phone:  856-829-3210
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